Easter Saturday

We have Good Friday services and Easter services. We talk about how Jesus was crucified and buried on Friday(unless you hold the Wednesday view) and rose victoriously from the grave on Sunday. But what about Saturday? Why is it so rare for us to talk about Easter Saturday? I think it’s because it’s so difficult for us to rejoice in the waiting. We’ll mourn the sad parts in life and celebrate the good things in life, but when the times in between come, we don’t really do anything. I’ve been guilty of skipping over Easter Saturday for all of my life until this year. Why this year, you may ask? This Easter season coincides with a season of waiting for me. I’m waiting to figure out what to do with my summer, waiting for clarity from the Lord in several situations, waiting for answers to prayer, waiting for the things that the Lord has promised me to come to fruition…the list goes on. It’s not a fun season to be in. It can definitely be a rewarding season, but most days it’s just plain hard. I get frustrated. I want everything to happen now.  I know good things are in the future( Jeremiah 29:11) and  I know that there are good things in my present  state, but the unknown goodness of the things that I am waiting for keeps me wishing that they were already here. This is a season when it’s super easy to lose hope and faith. It’s easy to doubt. And it seems endless. But then, in my quiet time today, I started to think about how the disciples must have felt on Saturday. The Bible doesn’t say anything about what was going on in their heads, but I can imagine it was very similar to the things that I have felt in my waiting  season. Will what Jesus said will happen actually happen? Or were we just reading into things? Is there something that we can do to make this go by faster? As well as all other kinds of insecurities and doubts. But God’s been teaching me to rejoice in this season. As the saying goes, “My praise is a weapon” and I’ve been using it to get through. I’ve been seeking the Lord’s face a lot more through reading His Word and through prayer because I crave His encouragement, clarity, and unconditional love. I’ve opened up to people about what I’ve been going through and sought prayer. Whenever thoughts of doubt have crept into my mind, I have tried my best to hand them over to the Lord. I still can’t say that this is my favorite season, and I would doubt that the disciples looking back would say, “Remember Saturday? And how we waited so long and had so many doubts? That was so great. We should do that again.” But I also don’t regret being in this season at all. For every Saturday, there’s a Sunday that’s coming.