Just Breathe

Hi friends,

It’s been a bit. You may remember about seven months ago, in August, I wrote to you about the importance of resting before God makes you rest. Well I didn’t really follow my own advice- I have a hard time swallowing my own medicine, if you will. Last week, after a whole semester and a half of pushing myself to go go go, my body finally said no. I was sick, fatigued, and rather downtrodden. I had tried to be everything to everyone, including myself, and my body was sick and tired of it. College can be quite a crazy time. Between staying up to get school done, making time for a social life, and feeding oneself, there’s always something to do. My planner was packed nearly everyday. I wanted to have as productive and fun filled semester as I possibly could. But in doing so, I ran myself down. I’m not the kind of person who enjoys asking for help. It’s a pride thing. And I’m also just a naturally independent person. So when I am able to do everything well, I forget to remember that I actually need people. And most importantly God. Between being sick and taking time to rest this week, I was reminded of the importance of stopping to breathe. There’s a really great song on Klove right now, called Breathe by Johnny Diaz. ” Cause all you really need is to just breathe.” It’s a really good reminder to take time to appreciate life and to not constantly feel like you have to strive. I’ve realized that I’ve placed a lot of my worth in the amount of things I’m able to get done. So when I’m not able to get a lot accomplished,  I feel like my value is decreased. But this week, God has been reminding me that regardless of if I’m being extremely productive or super lazy, He loves and values me the same. I can rest in His approval. I’m not saying that I’ve learned this lesson yet, but it’s one that God’s teaching me, and one I thought would be good to share with you.

Love you guys,