To: My Guy Friends

Hi y’all, I just read this article And it just lit a fire in  my soul. I have always been aware of the struggle of temptation for both genders, and I have been aware of how sexualized our society is, but this article shed a new light on it. After reading about how society is constantly trying to get guys to objectify women, I just wanted to take a second to thank both my Dad, my brother, and my amazing guy friends for all that they mean to me. I get it, our sexualized culture is targeted toward both genders, but in this blog post I want to focus particularly on the guys. I want to thank my  Dad for setting a good example for me of how a woman should be treated. For teaching me that I am valuable and worthy of love. For Daddy/Daughter dates. I want to also thank my brother, for his integrity and steadfastness in the Lord. For all the times he has actually listened to me and offered me advice. For slushie runs to Sheetz. And my guy friends at school for relentlessly pursuing God to the best of their abilities rather than the things of this world. This past week, I got to worship with several of my guy friends( and girls too) and I was so blessed by our time together. Some of them brought their guitars, one of my guy friends played a drum, and others just belted their hearts out for Jesus. My guy friends have affirmed me when I’ve felt down, some have made me food when I forgot to eat, some have given me rides to the store, some of them have shared what God has done in their lives with me, and all of them have treated me with respect as their sister in Christ. I don’t often have time to just hang out with the bros, but even though I don’t get to spend much time with them, I still value each of them immensely. And it makes me ticked that society tries  to mess with their minds. So guy friends, this one is for you. Thank you. Thank you for seeing me as your sister in Christ and not an object. Thank you for looking out for me. Thank you for all the ways that you have supported me. Don’t give up. Keeping fighting the good fight. Keep pursuing the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul. As it says in 2 Thessalonians 3:13, ” Let us not grow weary in doing good.” Finish strong. And know that I’ll be praying for you.