[Insert Clever Title Here]

Hey everyone!

I hope wherever you are the sun is shining brightly and it’s the perfect temperature outside. It looks to be that way where I am, at least from my window. Unfortunately, after a fabulous summer of working as a camp counselor and not giving myself very much rest, sickness caught up with me and I was recently diagnosed with an ear infection, sinus infection, and the beginnings of bronchitis. So I’ve been sitting since Wednesday( three days) and growing restless. But also wrestling with a few things that God has put on my heart. I’d been praying for healing since I’ve been sick for three weeks and I was starting to wonder why God wasn’t answering. And then He did. He said something along the lines of, ” You haven’t been doing a good job of resting in my presence. So I’m going to make you rest( by way of sickness)”. You know that verse in Psalms that’s super over quoted and goes, “He MAKES me lay down in green pastures…” ( Psalm 23). Yeah. Sometimes God just has to force us to rest even when we just want to skip around the pastures and roll in the buttercups. And for me, as hard as it’s been, this rest is something I’ve definitely needed. I often get so caught up in the busyness of my task that I forget to take time to love people and to feel loved by people. And these past few days, I’ve definitely been feeling the love. People have brought me food, frapps from Starbucks, took me to the Minute Clinic, prayed with me, or just stopped by to check in on me and let me know they cared. Some of these people were the least likely people I thought would ever care to see how I was doing, but God showed me that people can surprise me sometimes. So, while I’m super duper ready to be done being sick ( it kind of stinks to constantly be saying “what did you say?” like a little old granny since I can’t hear out of one ear or to start a coughing fit every time I laugh), I’m thankful for the lessons God is teaching me through this seemingly inconvenience.

Here’s to hoping that you rest before God makes you rest,

Rachel ❤