The Red Dress

Hey followers,

As Olan Rogers says, ” It’s been awhile”. I have a story for you.

This summer I’ve been working at the most amazing summer camp where I’ve been able to pour into the lives of at-risk inner-city kids and generally be used as a vessel by God. This past week I was able to witness two salvations, battle some demonic spiritual warfare, lead my girls( ages 6-11) into a deeper understanding of their faith, and witness some serious growth both in myself and in the campers and my fellow counselors. Needless to say, at the end of this week I was spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted. But, I had it in my mind that I would go dress shopping with my mom for my school’s Winter Ball ( hey, it’s never too early to start looking for a dress). I also had it in my mind that I would find the most killer long red dress ever. I prayed before and during our dress shopping experience that God would find me this perfect dress, but after five hours of looking through a seemingly endless array of dresses from a half a dozen shops, I was starting to loose hope. This was when God directed my mom to a consignment store via a Google Search. When my mom suggested one more store I said, ” They probably don’t even have dresses. I’ll just wear my birthday suit.”  But, she convinced me to go in, and what do you know? Hanging on the outside of a large rack of dresses was the most perfect red dress. It was a long, red, halter dress with a twirly bottom and an open back which tied closed with a ribbon. There was also a beautiful sparkly silver pin on the hip. I said, ” It couldn’t possibly be my size.” And you guessed it, it was. The dress, the store owner and my mom both said, looked like it was designed just for me. And in a way, it was. God told me that just like there were millions of dresses out there and He knew and led me to the perfect one for me, even when I was getting frustrated and cynical, He would lead me to the right man. I’m hoping He’ll bring along this man to be my date for Winter Ball because I think that would be a perfect end to my story, but even if that doesn’t happen I still have an incredible reminder of God’s intense love for me and His great plan for my life.