Chips, trust, and God’s goodness

Hey guys,

I hope you’re all doing well. I don’t believe I really have anything insightful to say, but sometimes it’s in the daily struggles and victories that we can feel God the most. This semester has been full of ups and downs. On one hand, this semester was a time of removing the idols in my life. I found that I had put so much of my trust in people who I did not make my time with God as much of a priority. And I could feel it. I was worn. God began to remove things that I placed my trust in, until it was basically just me and Him. I felt like He was saying, ” Do you love me now? Do you still love me, even if things might not work out the way you want them to? Are you willing to be content in resting in me?” And while I said yes, God has been working on my heart so that I truly mean this. This past week has been a week of really great things. It started with a worship night in the guys dorms where some of my guy friends led worship of their guitar, some people brought the Word and we had a time of prayer. The next day I got to have breakfast fellowship with two girls who really poured into me. We discussed Psalm 42 and the importance of craving God like we crave water when we have a bag of chips. That night I got to go to a Worship night my school put on. It was so amazing to be able to worship God passionately and lay everything down at His feet. That was yesterday. Today, I’m reveling in God’s goodness and the way He works when we are truly willing to put all of our trust in Him. I’m not going to say that this will not be something I will have to continue to work on, however, I’m thankful for God’s patience and love through it all.

I’m no longer a slave to fear. I am a child of God. ~Bethel Music. 

Love y’all,