Home from College

Hey followers,

First off, I want to apologize for being so sporadic in my blog posts. I really wish I could tell you that I would post regularly, but alas! a college student cannot often make such promises. I will tell you that, for what it’s worth, I will try to post more. Now, with the apologies out of the way let me take you on the journey I went on this past semester. For those of you who are just getting ready to go to college next year, maybe this will help encourage you that it’s really not as scary as you think it is. For the rest of you, you’ll get a chance to read about my experience and hopefully be encouraged in one way or other. Let’s begin. For a quick overview watch the video below. For more in-depth info about my semester plus some tips about making the best of your first semester you can continue to read the blog post below. 

  • August. Half of this month was a month of goodbyes and preparation for the new things yet to come. The other half of this month was spent with lots of hellos and a wave of new experiences. Packing Advice: Pack a toolkit ( It’ll help you make a lot of friends). Pack a First aid kit ( with Emergen-C, painkiller, bandages…and anything else). Pack a Stuffed Animal ( if you sleep with one at home, don’t try to be a grown up and leave it there. A lot of college kids bring them with them). Don’t pack Cookbooks ( they take up too much space and you’re ambitious to think you’ll use them your first year). Don’t pack all your seasons clothes ( they just won’t fit). Advice for Saying Goodbye: It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later. Even if your parents are leaving you, God will meet you really amazing ways. The process should be like one removing a bandage ( no need to draw out the tears). 
  • September. In September, I started to form a lot of awesome friendship through putting on get-togethers with people I had met from class or my roommate met. Cookies, brownies, and movies are a great combo to make friends. I also used this time to get to know my R.A and to get into my classes. Classes Advice: Try to start early on assignments but don’t stress out if you can’t get them done early ( some people work better last minute). Always dress at least somewhat professional to class ( try to avoid wearing workout stuff/sweats/pjs). Small talk with the teachers before class( you never know how connecting with people can help you in your career later on). Use the walk to and from class to get to know your classmates better ( I became really good friends with some people just through talking with them after class) 
  • October. October was a really great month. I go to school in Virginia Beach and the weather was really lovely; the leaves were just starting to turn and the air was crisp. I also started to get in the groove of school work. Just as I was getting comfortable with school, mid-terms came. Midterms are not really as scary as a lot of people make them out to be, Finals are much more difficult. Advice for Midterms: Schedule your assignments on a planner and check them off when you’re done. Make sure to be social ( alleviate stress by doing fun things with friends). Feed Thyself ( One word: Protein. Hummus, cottage cheese, granola bars, it doesn’t have to be fancy. Just make sure you’re fueled). In October, we also had a super fun Halloween costume party. I dressed up as Effie Trinket and went with a group of friends. We had so much fun dancing and laughing all night long. And at the end of the night they wished me Happy Birthday ( my birthday is Nov. 1st)
  • November. My birthday started out this month. My amazing roommate Anna and her mom took me out to lunch at Tropical Smoothie and then to the mall for shopping and arcade games. When we came back, I was greeted by a surprise party that my friends had organized for me. My parents also played a great role in making my birthday as school super special by sending gourmet cupcakes and decorations to my friends. Advice for Birthdays at School: Hint at your friends when your birthday is ( most likely they’ll want to do something for you and they need time to plan). Don’t stress, it’ll all work out. Take time to treat yourself on your special day. 
  • December. The last month of the semester! I studied for Finals( same tips as for midterms) and then celebrated with a murder mystery party put on by my friend Josh Brock! I would totally recommend doing a murder mystery party at college or really anywhere if you have friends that like to act! It was really fun getting into character, I was a french dancer, and interacting with my friend’s characters. After the murder mystery party, my friends and I went to Winter Ball. Winter Ball is a dance put on by my school to celebrate finishing finals. It was really fun to dress up and dance the night away.

Now I’m back home! I’ve been using this time to love on my family and draw closer to God. It’s been so nice to relax so I can be all fresh for next semester! I am so blessed by all the amazing friends I’ve met and the amazing ways that God has met me this past semester. Before I came to school, I was nervous about meeting friends and all the new experiences which seemed to loom before me. Now that I have a whole semester down, I’ve come to realize the importance of trusting God in the little things and relying on His strength.

Love y’all! I’ll talk to you soon!