I Should Really Blog….

Hello readers, 

Today it just hit me that, ” I should really blog”. Gosh, it has been quite a while since I sat down at the keyboard to type out a blog post. At first it was because I was in the ‘Busy with School’ season when I was either to tired to write a blog post had spent so much time doing school that I felt I didn’t have anything interesting to write. Then kind of a big thing happened, I graduated high school. Thank you, thank you ( you can stop clapping now….). After I graduated,  I was in the period of life when I really didn’t want to do anything that resembled school. But now, I’m back. Cleansed of the stress of school, curtsy of God’s provision which allowed for a trip to Florida.




This vacation  was really a great opportunity to sit in front of the ocean and just enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. It was also a really lovely time to spend with my family, and we enjoyed our trip through very delicious meals, bike riding, kayaking, and walks on the beach. Now I’m looking forward to going to my Senior prom next week! It will be a wonderful way to end my twelve years of home schooling. Next year, I will continue my schooling at the college of my choice. I am really excited to see how God uses my time there. Right now, I am planning on majoring in English. I would love to teach English as a second language as a career, but really I’m looking forward to seeing where God directs my path. I’m also really looking forward to the people He brings into this new stage of my life. I’ve already met some incoming freshmen at my school’s Facebook group who are really great people, and I can’t wait to meet them and many others at my school. During these final few months before school, I would really appreciate prayer that God would prepare me for this transition. If you have a prayer please go to the “Prayer Requests” page and let me know how I can pray for you! 

Have a blessed day. Ephesians 3:14-21.