I really love this. It’s so important to take time for God. What an amazing experience, this Day with God would be.

RESTING IN JESUS, REST IN JESUS We live in a world that thrives on busyness.

From the moment we hear the ringing of our alarm clock to the minute our head hits the pillow at night we just go, go, go.

If we are lucky enough somewhere from the time of waking up to falling asleep we get a little break where we can stop for an hour and two and just breathe.

Set aside our technological devices with updates, emails, and social media sites that constantly need to be checked and do something that brings stillness in our heart and peace in our mind.

But for most people that is not the case.

The constant running has no end and eventually they find themselves burned out, tired, and worn.

Tired of meetings, of commitments, of the never-ending to do list.

And at this point when they have finally reached the end of themselves and their…

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