2014 Vlogging and Blogging Update

Hey Guys It’s Rachel…Who? You know Rachel…1alien….ring a bell? I know I haven’t

been vlogging/ blogging recently and I first and foremost want to apologize. A few months ago,

I received a few computer. I originally had a Mac and I made the big switch from Mac to PC ( gasp).

In the process of switching over there was one main casualty, the loss of my dearly beloved Imovie. 

I didn’t want to buy a new video editing software that was too expensive or too cheap to fulfill my needs, so I decided

to wait until Christmas. Thankfully ‘Santa'( a.ka Mom and Dad…sorry to spoil it for you) brought me, among other things including an Adobe Photoshop, a new video editing software( Corel Videostudio). Once I got to playing around with this new software, which included all kinds of fun new features like Stop motion, I started to get the itch to start making videos again. But then with the craziness of school starting back up, I haven’t had much time. That being said, while I had some time off from video producing for you guys, I got to thinking. Once a week started to seem a little too much of a commitment. But I didn’t want to fall off the face of the vlogging earth. So, that being said, I want to let you know what my intentions for 2014 and my blog are. I’d like to commit to at least 1 video a month( hopefully more). This video may or may not be an official Vlog. It may be a little be more creative. I don’t know yet. I just would like to leave it open for creative experimentation. My only perimeter being that it brings glory to God. Second, I’d like to try to have a traditional blog entry at least once a month, because I know some of you prefer those over the videos.

So hopefully this will work out! Thank you all for being patient and for your encouragement. You have no idea how much that means

to me and Jake.