Bob Goff and Busyness

Hey Blog Followers, 

I’m writing this to you 14 minutes before I have to go to church. This week has been busy…and that’s what we’re 

going to talk about today. Not my busy schedule, but about busyness in general. Let me give you a little background 

info into why I picked this subject. About a week and a half ago my mom received a call from Bob Goff, author 

of Love Does and if you’ve read his book you not only know that he has a crazy busy schedule, but he also leaves

his personal number on the back of the book and encourages his readers to call him. Well, my mom took him up on 

that offer and although it took him a bit of time to get back( his excuse was that he was in Africa..pretty good excuse if 

you ask me) he did call her-left a message- and apologized for taking so long! He left a very nice message which included

his personal e-mail! I listened to this message a few times just because I was so wowed by his dedicated to take time for

people. This is such a rare trait in our society. People pretend to take time for people by following them and friending 

them on all the social media sites. But that’s not truly taking time for a person. I want to strive to be the person that 

goes out to coffee with a friend who needs it, even if I’m neck deep in school work. I want to take time for people in a 

real way, not a sugar coated social media way. Finally, I want to challenge you to take time for your friends and your family, 

to no longer answer the question of “How are you?” with “Busy”. Bob Goff managed to take time for people with his crazy busy 

schedule and that’s impressive, but you know the most impressive example of a person taking time for other people is? 

I’ll let you think for a moment because you probably know the answer… JESUS. Jesus was the busiest man on earth and yet 

He took time to fellowship with his disciples. I hope you feel differently about time. If you want to talk about how you 

are going to accomplish this, or anything inline with this blog post, please leave a comment below( I’m opening up the comment’s

section yay!). Blessings, Rachel. 


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