A blog post( for those of you who like to read)

I must admit I’ve been putting a majority of my focus on making vlogs for your enjoyment. I’ve been enjoying experimenting with a different way to get my thoughts out to you, my subscriber/ viewer. But I do know that some of you sometimes just want something to read a blog post rather than watching a video.  So that is why I decided to blog today( don’t worry, a vlog is still scheduled for tomorrow). 

Another reason which contributed to my need for the written word is that it is a rainy and dreary day. For some reason, this almost always puts me in a writer/reader mood. To indulge my need for a good book I’ve been reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. I watched the movie a few days ago, and some people might think I’m weird for wanting to read the book but it doesn’t matter. I think books do a much better job at telling a story than movies( although there are some really great movies out there). I know books take a lot longer than a movie but sometimes that’s not necessarily a bad thing.Honestly though I’m only reading this book to tide me over until Allegiant by Veronica Roth comes out in a week or two. This really good series is called Divergent and it has the same quality of the Hunger Games which I also really liked. 

Well thanks for reading my ramblings. Off to get ready for theater class.

 Check back tomorrow for a vlog.