Rest, Relaxation, and Now What???

Hello everyone! I just had a marvelous week spending time with my family at our favorite little cottage. I actually had time to READ and tan. I woke up every morning, read my Bible, and played with a little black kitten. We did some fun things too, but the best part was taking time away from the busyness and just enjoying rest with my family. But all good things must come to an end. This Monday I start my last first day of high school. That’s right, my Senior year! Glory be to God that I am accepted into my dream college, so I don’t have to worry about that. But you all know that Senior year is a busy time. I’m taking a bunch of early college classes, I’m in an awesome internship with my church, babysitting, starting a Bible study, going to a different Bible study, applying for scholarships, traveling… it’s going to be busy. I wish I could just bottle the rest and relaxation I experienced on vacation and take a little bit when I’m feeling stressed or just plain busy. But unfortunately, I do not have that super power. I just have to pray that the Holy Spirit reminds me to take time to have quiet time with Him. I find merely reading a few chapters in the Bible and talking to God in the morning helps me have a better mood overall( not saying it makes me perfect or anything) and gives me a better perspective. Hope you take time to break away from the busyness and spend time with the Lord.