6 Days in Ecclesiastes( Won’t you join me?)

   Hello everyone! 

I’m reading through Ecclesiastes two chapters a day( one in the morning, one at night). 

After I read, I’ve been writing down my thoughts as well as what I will do with this information(  A “Bible Doing” as Bob Goff calls it). I thought I’d share my thoughts with you and you can decide what you will do with this information. 

Read: Ecclesiastes 1

Focus on verse(s): ( I chose Ecclesiastes 1:18)

Write down your thoughts: ” For with much wisdom is much sorrow; as knowledge

increases, grief increases.” Wisdom and knowledge, though as beneficial as they may be, 

come at a cost. When we choose to become more knowledgeable in subjects such as human slavery, poverty, hunger…we pay the price of sorrow. It hurts us to become involved and it should. It is this deep hurt, this righteous sorrow that propels us to act in ways we never would have imagined.