Two Poems about Redemption( Sweet Poison and Wandering)

Sweet Poision

written by Rachel with help from God

It looks appealing from far off

It’s packaged in a sweet innocent box

You open the package you take a bite

You think everything’s going to be alright

But just like with Eve the truth is revealed

You feel sick, ashamed, remorseful

That sweet tasting poison

Tasted good going down

But it settled in your stomach

It turned to a heavy stone

God calls your name

You want to run to Him and crawl in His arms

You want to beg for forgiveness and accept the consequence

But that stone in your stomach is holding you down.

 I’ve got the anecdote my child

I know you were fooled

By pretty looking packages and your own thoughts.

I planned ahead for this, I sent my only son to die 

His blood  the anecdote when you believe Satan’s lie.

The anecdote will save your very soul but

It won’t take away the scars.

I know your guilt has held you down, you are weak and can not move.


If you willing to be healed, willing to accept my love, and believe that all I say is true

 I will apply the anecdote to your heart

And it will heal you.

 Yes Lord I do believe.

I want it to be as you say.

God applies the anecdote to your heart and it

Melts the sin away.

 Resist the Devil and his pretty looking boxes filled with lies.

Desire with your heart to drink only of My love

 No longer of the poison and you’ll survive.


Written by Rachel with help from God

 You are wandering I know

Beyond the twilight zone

Wandering to places you should not go

 You are exploring areas once unknown


Do you see the light still or is it so dim

Do you hear God’s voice still or do you feel alone

 You are following your every whim


You’ve gotten yourself so misplaced

But you’re not too lost for Him

 He died on the cross your sins erased

He loves you even as a sinner

Return to Him with much haste