Living Without Labels


Labels. Everyone seems to desire them, why? Because it’s an easy way of categorizing themselves with another group of people. You know what I’m talking about, Geeks, Hipsters, Artists, Jocks, Theater People…..etc. The list goes on and on.

     When I was younger I was very into this series called the Babysitter’s Club. In this book, there were a lot of different characters with a lot of different social labels. For example, there was this girl named Claudia who was very artsy. She would dress in really….original….pieces. Things like wearing an artist’s smock in public, or wearing earrings that she made herself. I thought this was so cool and since, at the time, I was very into art, I figured I’d try this label out. After trying for a few weeks to choose artsy clothes, make my own stuff, drawing a lot, etc. I discovered that I didn’t want to be labeled just as an artist. So I decided to try to develop myself into more of the character Mary Kate. Mary Kate was very studious, loved books( just as I did and still do), and had more of a refined, old fashioned style. She wore things like white button down blouses with skirts and knee high white socks. Needless to say, this social label didn’t last long either.  

   During that period of my life, I tried, as many people do, to fit my self into a tidy little square box with my social label scribbled on the front in Sharpie. This way, I figured, I could meet other people who had the same label as me, and could have a place to fit in. But the thing is, I, as well as many other people, don’t fit nicely into a little square box. I might have one leg in the Artsy box, another leg in the Theater Person box, an arm in the Writer box, my head in the Studious box…..and then that all might change after a few months. A big thing for me this year has been living without labels( and no, that’s does not make me a Hipster… I could totally have a rant about Hipsters in these parenthesis, but I choose to spare you). It’s not what we do that defines us( if you, for example, fail at something you are not a failure) it’s who we are on the inside( our soul) that defines us, and our souls don’t fit into neat and tidy label boxes. Think about this the next time you try label someone( or yourself).