“Music in My Soul”


Sorry for titling this after a line in a Camp Rock song, but you know, it kind of fits.

Today I want to chat a little bit about music. This is a subject that many Christians differ in

opinion, thus, I decided to add my own two cents, so you can take it or leave it.

One of the many great results of my trip to the D.R( read about it in some of my older posts) was meeting a spunky and sweet fourteen year old named Lydia. She introduced me to the world of ‘Not Heard On Klove ALL THE TIME” Music. My eyes were opened to many Christian artists who I did not know even existed, let alone knew they could become some of my favorites after listening to a few songs. I used the program/app called Spotify, to find more artists based on the ones I was enjoying. My eyes were opened to the ‘underground'( some people might call it ‘hipster’) world of a Christian music. Here are a few artists I discovered in this process, in case you are wondering:

  • Group 1 Crew
  • Royal Taylor
  • Capital Lights
  • Sidewalk Prophets
  • Anthem Light
  • Luminate
  • JJ Heller
  • …and so many more

Before I discovered all these really great artists, I was getting a little tired of the Christian contemporary stuff that I had been hearing via Klove, my church, etc. I wanted to listen to something with a beat, but I didn’t really want to listen to a bunch of secular music with questionable lyrics. This was just the fix. Some Christians think that listening to secular music is a big no, and believe we should just listen to traditional Christian music. Others go way the other direction and think that all Christian music is crap and they just listen to whatever secular music they like. I’m in the middle. If a secular song comes on the radio that I like and there is no swearing or provocative material and I like the beat, yeah, I’ll listen to it. But secular music isn’t all that I listen to. Now that I’ve been made aware that Christian music can have a beat that I can dance to and with good lyrics, I’m more apt to choose a song like that.