Conclusion of my Dominican Republic Mission Trip!

Today we spent our very last day in the Dominican. After getting our packing finished, we all headed out to the pavilion for a group picture. It’s weird to think about the fact that when we first came to the Dominican, most of us didn’t know each other and now it’s going to be difficult to say goodbye.

After the group picture, a few of my friends and I went out on a little walk to enjoy the beauty of the Dominican landscape and each other’s company one last time. As we walked along the dirt road, we passed a man who was milking a cow. This man had been in the medical clinic a few days ago and it was neat to see him and be reminded of how many people the Lord helped during this trip. We walked back to our bus and headed to the airport. During the bus ride, I got to take to a really nice lady about all sorts of things including more detail into my testimony. It was really awesome how many conversations my testimony brought about this week. One lesson I learned on this trip was the wonderful consequences obedience to the Lord can have. I was obedient to the Lord this week and I was blessed mightily because of it.

After the bus ride, we headed to the airport where we were rewarded for our patience in security by getting really tasty pizza and ice cream. Everyone seemed ready to go home, yet sad we were leaving at the same time. Right now, I’m writing this inside the airplane with about one and a half hours to go and I feel a little tired physically, but Spiritually I feel energized and ready to go back to the mission field that is Pennsylvania. I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish on the trip down to the last passion fruit.

The best way I can describe passion fruit is that It’s the essence of tropical fragrance in a fruit.

My God is so good. He really cares about me. He knows my every desire. This trip was awesome! I can’t wait to see how God continues to guide and direct my life. I can’t wait to see the places I go and all the people I’ll meet.

Goodbye beautiful Dominican!