Day 7 of my D.R Mission Trip!

I can’t believe the trip is nearly over. I feel like I’ve been here for a long time but at the same time, it feels short. This morning, after breakfast, we met as a group of teens to discuss our experiences and what we learned from this trip. It was really powerful to see how God had met many of them this week in ways very specific to their personalities! I was able to share my joy over leading so many children to the Lord. It was really  great to reflect and I think I would like to add ‘reflection’ to my quiet time because I find that often times I forget the powerful ways God has worked in my life unless I reflect on them. 

     After our discussion, it started to rain and a bunch of us decided to go swimming in the compound’s small pool. It was really fun to hang out with some of the teens and just enjoy each other’s company. This trip reminded me how very important it is to surround myself with good Christian friends.

     This trip I lived the moto of the trip, 50% uncomfortable 50% comfortable. I stepped out of my comfort zone in many ways, and it was amazing how God rewarding this.

     After playing in the water and getting changed, we had lunch and we headed out to an orphanage in town. I was so excited because ever since reading about Amy Carmichael, I’ve really wanted to go to an orphanage. As we pulled up in the school bus, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice, clean, and cheerful this little blue orphanage was. Walking inside, I was impressed at how nice it was compared to other Dominican houses. It had real tile floors which were very clean, a large kitchen with older appliances, a school room filled with good quality desks, and in the boy’s bedroom were nice bunks and good storage. The boys in the orphanage-it was an all boy orphanage age 6-12-were really sweet. We blew up a bunch of balloons for them to play with and they promptly filled these balloons with water.  This started a large water balloon fight. It was really funny when some of the American leaders called us over for a picture underneath a roof over hang. It turned out to be a trick, some kids dumped large buckets of water on us! I also played some sticky ball with one of the little boys and it was really fun. It was fun to see the kids play with the items I had bought at 5below, they seemed to really enjoy them. When it was time to say goodbye, I felt more blessed by these kids than I felt I had blessed them. I hope and pray that they will all find families. 

     After the orphanage, we headed back for our final Dominican Dinner-I really liked the fried corn bread and fried plantain. After dinner, we ended the trip with a very fun Dominican Night! The musicians started to play this really fun beat to set the mood and then we sang some songs like Él es Mi Papa. When we were done with our worship, we started a few competitions in which some volunteers would come to the front and do a certain task. The winner would then be determined by applause. The first competition was singing Soy Feliz, 
the next competition was who could play the instruments the best, and the last competition was copying the Dominican dancers. I volunteered for the dancing competition and it was really fun. I ended up winning by applause haha, who would have thought? Later on, some of us went in the center of the floor and started to dance just for fun. I really enjoyed it! My friend Andrea taught me how to salsa and we also did some goofy dances as a group. After working up an appetite again, we had some yummy dessert. One of the things on my plate that I liked the most was a banana loaf. It was really good. 

     That night we stayed up late, enjoying each other’s company as a group one last time. It was really great getting to know the teens on the trip, we had a really great group! So blessed that I had an opportunity to be apart of it!