Day 6 of my Dominican Republic Mission Trip!

Today was really great. I wok up a little tired, but excited for what God had planned for the day. We headed out on the bus to a town I had not been to yet: Bethel. This town was a little more urban than La Higuera. It’s inhabitants as a whole were better dressed and most had shoes. There were not blatantly obvious shacks, all the houses I saw were small but made out of more sturdy materials, rather than the patched together abodes of the Higuarians. Because of this, at first I was not as enthusiastic to give the VBS in this village as I was the first time. The kids looked well taken care of and were not craving love like the Higuarians. I was starting to wish that we would have spent another day in La Higuera, until I went to evangelize with a small group of teens and a couple of adults. 

     We went door to door, ministering and praying for many people that we had come across. One of our youth leaders, Damen, reminded me of Paul in the Bible. He would find a small group of people and kept pulling more people in so he could share the Gospel message with them. He challenged me to minister to one woman that we came across and she invited us into her small, yet clean home. I found out that she was a Christian already and I was able to pray for her. Another house we went to had a woman who was a Christian, but whose husband was not. So I got to pray for her husband. After that, although I was tired prior to evangelizing, I felt powered by the Holy Spirit to give my VBS lesson. 

     After leading the kids in some worship songs( see picture below)

ImageI stepped up to give my message. Since this was my second time, I felt much more comfortable speaking through a translator to the kids. I even got to use a microphone. At the en dof the message, I gave the kids an opportunity to accept Jesus into their hearts. About twenty-five kids raised their hands and I was overwhelmed by God’s grace and mercy. 

     After VBS, we headed back to the compound for dinner and my friends and I also practiced our Ragman’s Skit. After practicing for a little while, we went to a little church about fifteen minutes away. Here’s a picture of the church: 

ImageThe music was fun to dance to and everyone really got into it. I imagined that if Heaven has a Dominican music section, it would be like a magnified version of this. After the music, some of us gave our testimonies. I was one of those people who received the amazing opportunity to share my testimony with the members of this church and my fellow team members. It was an amazing experience, I could hear myself speaking the words, but I could feel that it was the Holy Spirit who was speaking through me. I felt a peace over me that passed all understanding and I felt the pleasure of being obedient. There were lots of ‘Amens’ and claps during my testimony and it felt so good to share my story with everyone. After my testimony, there were others who shared and it was really powerful. After the testimonies, we did our Ragman’s Skit the best we ever had. It was amazing to be a part of that cast and I’m so blessed that I had the opportunity to use my enjoyment of acting to glorify God. When the service was finished, a bunch of teens came over and congratulated me on giving my testimony. I got lots of hugs from the teen girls and disbelief of my age by some of the teen guys! It was really nice to get support from my new friends. 

     When we headed back to the compound I finally stayed up late with some of the teens to play some card games and enjoy each other’s company. All in all my day was amazing and I can’t believe the trip is almost over! 

Dios te Bendiga,