D.R Mission Trip Day 5!

Today started out with more refreshing rain as usual. Today’s devo was about how we should view the bad news of this life through the Good news lens of Jesus Christ. It was really good! we also sang some worship songs to get us fired up for the day. After breakfast, we headed out one last time to La Higuera. Once there, we headed straight out to VBS where my friend Melina taught the Parable of the Lost Sheep. My little friend was there again and ended up staying with me a good portion of the time. We had three forty-five minute lessons in order to keep things under control. It worked really well! The kids that were waiting had fun with the jumping rope I brought.

     After lunch, we went on a walk with the kids, enjoying each other’s company. It was really hot though, so we went inside to watch the Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child boxes being given out. While we were waiting for things to begin, I found out that there was a little Deaf girl who knew a little American Sign Language( ASL). I started using a few basic signs like ‘name’, ‘know’, and she understood me! I literally had tears welled up in my eyes. God arranged things so that I would take my ASL class and Spanish class at the same time, so I-I’m sure there’s other reasons too- could talk to this little girl whose name was given me in the form of a name sign. I serve an awesome and caring God. I am amazed by the small and large details that He worked together in this trip. It really has strengthened my relationship with Him. Here’s a picture of the Deaf girl: 


     Getting to see Operation Christmas Child was kind of crazy and unreal. I got to see my little chica receive her box and it made me so happy! Here’s a picture I took of a little girl with her box( not my little amiga, she was too much into the crowd by the time I got my camera out):


     After a long last day in La Higuera, I felt a sadness of leaving that I wasn’t expecting to have. This little messy town has left a great impact on my perspective, my purpose, and my relationship with God. I hope they will be blessed by our visit. When we got back, we had a really good dinner of my favorite yellow rice, chicken and fruit. Then we had church at the compound with another church that visited us. I sang on stage with a bunch of other teen girls. It was so powerful to sing, pray, and worship together in Spanish and English. After the service, Mama K( my mentor/Spanish Teacher) introduced me to my new pen pal  Carolina. She is sixteen and very similar to me. I can’t wait to get to know her more.

Talk to you tomorrow! 

Dios te Bendiga,