D.R Mission Trip Day 4

Today was about relationships and God’s awesomeness. The morning started off with a quick and lovely sounding rain that thumped on the roof and made the air cooler and the ground a little sloppy. I walked to chapel where Pastor Chris preached about fear’s hold on our life. It was really good to be reminded that we don’t have to be afraid of death because we live in the victory of Jesus Christ! 

     After chapel, we headed off to La Higuera. We were greeted by many kids from two days earlier. After prayer, we went to VBS. There were so many kids! One of the young adults, Kelly, taught about how we’re all in God’s hands. I met a little six year old girl during this VBS. I was able to speak a little more Spanish to her and it was really neat to be able to interact. I took some pictures of her see below: 

She could be a model! Look at that smile:)

     Once we left the church, we walked to a large field. I had a little boy holding on to one hand and a little girl on the other. Kids kept trying to hold on to my hands, it was really cute. We played a half-hearted game of duck duck goose, but it was just too hot to run around so much. We ended up just hanging out with some of the kids under the shade, until it was time for us to go back for lunch. 

     After lunch, me and another teen girl, Elizabeth, did prayer ministry/Evangelism. I was able to pray the salvation prayer with three ladies as well as pray for their healing and the healing of others. It was incredibly powerful! 

     After ministry, we rode back on the bus after someone cut us sugar cane to suck on. It was an interesting flavor, very sweet like candy. Once at the compound, we freshened up and got ready to hang out with a group of teen’s from Pastor Tony’s church. I met one girl who had taken English for four years so she was fairly fluent and we were able to talk some. She was really nice, and it was great to get to know a Christian teen in another part of the world! The teens played some games, including basketball and volleyball. Here’s a picture I took of the volleyball game:


Along with games, we also got to worship together and listen to testimonies. It was really neat to fellowship with our brothers and sisters of Christ in the Dominican Republic. I received a beautiful thought that this would be just the tiniest glimpse of cultural mixture we’ll have in Heaven. We also got a beautiful view of the starry night because there were no large city lights to compete. 

All in all, today was a beautiful day. I can’t believe we’re halfway already! Here are some halfway reflections:

Greatest Lesson Learned So Far: Leading someone to the Lord is one of the most rewarding experiences. And my Abba cares about the little things that give me delight. 

Something You Hope Will Happen By the End of the Week: There will be mass-revival!

Something New That You Ate: Papaya, plantains, sugar cane, and sword fish

Something New That You Did: Went on a trip without any family members

Someone New You Met: Lydia, Emily, Lauren, Jen…( and on the list goes)

Something Funny That Happened: When my friend fell out of her seat into the bus aisle( and wasn’t hurt). 

Favorite Thing About the Dominican: The Culture.