D.R Mission Trip Day 3

Today was so amazing yet such a different cultural experience than yesterday. We began our day with breakfast, then we headed off for an hour journey to a boat docking area where we would be catching a speed boat to a smaller Dominican Island. There were many people hawking their wares while we were waiting for the boat, but I was determined that I would see what the shops on the island had to offer first.

After waiting for a little while and snapping a few pictures with our group, we walked through the shallow part of the light aqua water to the speed boats. These boats were so fast that they had almost everyone’s hair blowing all over the place! Thanks to some motion sickness precautions, I was able to enjoy the ride and the lovely view. Here’s a picture I took from the boat:

This picture looks surreal to me and I was there!
This picture looks surreal to me and I was there!

We stopped for a a few miles out and snorkeled, something that I had never done before. I couldn’t quite get the hang of breathing through the mask, but I was able to view some yellow and blue fish as well as lots of coral. The water was deeper here where were snorkeling, so it was a darker shade of teal, but still beautiful. After snorkeling in this area for a bit, we traveled via speed boat to a different area where the water was more shallow and more of the light aqua color that I had first seen. In the background we had a picturesque view of palm trees and white sand. Some people found starfish which were a lovely shade of tangerine.

After enjoying the water and sun for a little while, we went back in the speed boats and zoomed off to the island where we would be enjoying lunch and shopping. The island was very interesting. From the outside, it looked natural and beautiful, but from the inside, while it still was beautiful, it was more like a television set for a Disney show( more touristy). While we were waiting for lunch, me and a few of my friends went to go shopping in the small touristy shops. There were a bunch of knick knacks and apparel. I bought a a wood carved turtle for my little cousin, a tie dye scarf for myself, and a coconut necklace for my Mimi. I took so long deciding on a scarf that after I had purchased the owner of the store gave me a little rainbow necklace as a gift. It was really kind of him.

After shopping, we had a delicious bbq lunch. I had sword fish, watermelon, seasoned yellow rice, cooked vegetables, and potatoes. After lunch, I took some pictures, played, and relaxed on the beach. The sand was so soft and white. The water’s three shades of blue were soothing to the eye. The water swished gently and rolled onto the sand in little frothy waves. It was really lovely.
I didn’t want to leave, but when we went on the speed boat to a larger sail boat with all kinds of fun places to sit, I was content. One of those places was a blue net hovering over the water. See picture below:
100_5879It was really refreshing! The whole boat ride was relaxing and really fun!
Finally, we got back to the main island and headed back to the bus. After the bus ride, we ate dinner at the compound and headed off to Pastor Tony’s church. At Pastor Tony’s church I had an amazing worship experience, not because of the church itself, but how God met me there. It rained during worship and it was really cool to be praising God in the rain. I knew a lot of the songs we sang-the tune at least- and it was really neat to be in a foreign country and recognize the music in church.

Looking forward to sharing more with you tomorrow!

Dios te Bendiga,