Coming Soon… My Dominican Republic Mission trip!

Hey everyone, 

I’m going to leave for my mission trip very soon! It’s amazing how far God has lead me in order that I may go on this trip and glorify Him with my gifts and talents. This has been the prayer of my heart for a long time and the satisfaction of knowing that this trip is right around the corner is so great! 

I want to share with my faithful followers and everyone else the experiences I will have in this new country. Unfortunately, I will not have internet, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t do things the ‘old fashioned’ way. Here’s how it’s going to work: I’m going to write in my journal every day( or at least try) and take lots of pictures while I’m there. When I get back, I’ll upload the pictures here and type up my blog entries individually( as if I were still there). Hopefully it will work! In the meantime, I would appreciate your prayers for: 

  • Health- There has been a lot of cold and flu stuff going around my area so just prayer that I would go on the mission trip healthy and be healthy through and after! 
  • Protection- There is a lot of Spiritual warfare going on in mission trips. I would appreciate those of you who are prayer warriors to pray for me and my group. 
  • Boldness/Courage- Courage to approach people and tell them the Good News. Boldness to speak as the Holy Spirit leads. 
  • Peace- To rely on the Holy Spirit and not to worry about anything. 

Thank you all! I am looking forward to sharing with you when I get back!