New Years goals….and more blog posts

Does anyone else feel like 2012 went by so fast? On New years eve as I stood with my family at a First Night( a New Years Celebration in the city) and admired the ‘2012’ made by multicolored light streams swirling around on a building, I couldn’t help but wondering ” How is it almost 2013 already? Where did the year go?” And I sat down with my family the next evening, writing down our New Years goals and reviewing goals set from the year before, I was able to see where all my time had gone. It went into fulfilling many of the goals I had set the prior year; making new friends, reading through my whole Bible, earning my driver’s license, planning to go on a mission trip, making a difference in our was so fulfilling to realize how many I had accomplished and humbling to recognize the ones that I had not. This year, I set new goals such as having quiet time every day, reading at least an hour a day, creating a small group for younger girls, and blogging at least once a week. Yes, I am going to try to blog at least once a week! Here’s somethings you might see: more posts on my photgraphy blog(, reviews on books, vlogs( if I can figure out how to work it on here), a ‘Lessons Learned” series, a mini series on prophecy in the Bible( trying to tie the Old Testament to the New Testament), and some surprises along the way.

So, if you’re reading this and you haven’t yet ‘followed’ me, now’s the time to do it! There’s a little button you can push that says ‘follow’ or you can enter in your e-mail address so you can be notified( hopefully once a week) when there is a new blog post.  We’ve got a great 2013 ahead of us I’m looking forward to blogging through it.