Sleep… An Idol?!?

Let me get this out of the way, I like my sleep. A lot. I always try to go to bed early if I can and wake up late. 14715328-young-attractive-woman-yawning-in-bed-in-the-morning-with-nature-green-background-model-is-a-asian-g

See the problem with this, is when its the school year I’m left scrambling to get ready which often means I miss one important aspect of my day…. QUIET TIME. Everyone, and I mean everyone, can tell when I’ve missed my quiet time. If I don’t start my day off right, it all goes down hill from there. I started labeling excessive sleep as an idol when I talked to my good friend Chathu( she has a blog check it out) about the importance of quiet time. Once I started to realize that this is an area in my life that I too easily exchanged for sleep, I began to think about different types of idols both in Biblical times and current. It seems to me that there are Christians who have ‘golden-cow syndrom’, that is, they believe that idols come in the form of little golden men or statues. But that’s far from the truth. An idol in the 21st century can look a lot like that smart phone that’s glued to your hand, the numerous TV series that take place of time with God, social media, and even sleep. See if you chose to do something else instead of spending time with God, that thing becomes an idol. If we really stop and think about it, God is the Creator of the Universe and desires fellowship with us. Who are we to decline Him? We need to have a God Front and Centered Mentality. Too often people will pick and choose one or the other saying that we need to put God first( which implies that He is put first but not involved elsewhere)  and God Centered ( which implies that God is incorporated in our lives but not necessarily put first). We need to have God Front and Centered approach because as much as He needs to be put first in our lives( as in choosing Him over anything else), He also needs to be incorporated in our lives in order that we may have constant fellowship with Him.