Busy Schedule=No Blogging!(Update)

Hi faithful followers! Sorry I haven’t posted anything in what my brother calls, ” Forever!”. What have I been doing this whole time? Well see for yourself:

Ever since the school year has started things have been pretty busy. I’ve been taking online English classes with the college that I want to attend! This has been really great and hopefully you’ll begin to see some improvement in my blogging.

I’ve also been taking ASL classes at my local community college. Of course, I’m the youngest one there because I’m only a junior in high school but I’m enjoying it and rising to the challenge. My teacher is really great! She has a wonderful way of teaching creatively, which is how I learn. We’ve been doing activities involving acting, and soon to be Youtubing, so I think I’ll be getting a lot out of this class. The reason I’m taking this class is because there are two very sweet children who go to my church who are Deaf. I volunteer at Kids church so I wanted to be able to communicate with them and eventually translate. ASL is a beautiful language and I’m happy to be taking it along with Spanish.

Yes, I’m on Spanish year 2. Hopefully I’ll be able to use this on a mission trip in the near future, but I’m still praying about the direction God wants for my life. I am so excited to see how He uses my gifts and talents to bring glory to Him! My Spanish teacher is a woman with a heart on fire for God. She is my mentor and a great person to know. I’m so glad that I started Spanish back up yesterday because I so benefit from her knowledge and investment in my life. It’s so important to have someone who is older than you, who is willing to pour into your life. I am so grateful I have her!

I also got accepted to a Youth Advisory Council! Basically what we do as a YAC is come up with volunteer projects, focus on a social issue of our choice-mine is Hunger, vote on grants, and much more! We had our first Meet and Greet a couple of weeks ago and next week we’ll have our first actual meeting. I’m excited for this opportunity because I really have a heart for volunteering in my city. I believe that I am called to serve those who are practically my neighbors. The organization I’m volunteering with partners with a wide range of other non-profits, which provides more opportunities to serve.

Along with this I’m auditioning for my local school’s play next week. Acting is a hobby of mine which gets my out of my comfort zone and provides a creative outlet. Looking forward to that!

Thankfully I just got my driver’s license last week so I can drive myself around to all of these places!

Of course, during I’m still continuing photography( you can check out my photography blog at http://www.eclecticfotos.wordpress.com/ ) which has been really great. And I’ve also been having quiet time

with the Lord. I could use prayer that I continue to involve Him in everything I do throughout this busy school year.

Thanks so much for your patience and I hope I can blog again soon!