My Brother Jake

Hey Everyone! According to my younger brother Jake I haven’t posted anything in awhile. How he knows this is that he too is getting into the world of blogs, creating his own blog entitled Living Cartoon( A foodie’s blog about everything) and getting on me when I don’t post in forever. If you care to check out his blog the url is My brother is a really great guy who enjoys experimenting with different ways to prepare food and sharing his love for the Lord.  His unique personality comes through the computer screen.  The best part, is that for some of you who like a quick post to read, his writing are short and to the point. I certainly enjoy reading his writing and I hope you will too. If you enjoy his blog please follow him or like one of his posts I’m sure it would make his day!


 Rachel

Side Note: I enjoy checking out people’s blogs. If you ‘like’ any of my posts or follow me, I’ll most likely check out your

blog and if I like it, I’ll follow it. Just a word of advice for those beginner bloggers out there, it’s important to get your blog’s

name out there!