Getting Lost

I had fallen out of friendship  with two friends of mine who had been like sisters to me( and are

sisters to each other).

Not that long ago, God had brought them both to my mind as I came upon a notebook

that we had put together of fun activities for us( me and my two friends)

to do. A few days ago God put me on the hearts of both of my friends

and within a few texts and a phone call my one friend and I got together today.

The thing is, my friend is very

adventure-loving and daring, so we decided to go hiking the long way in my woods.

The LONG way meaning the ‘Getting lost in my own woods’ way. During this

time of a bit of fear mixed with disorientation we bonded, faster that I’ve ever

bonded, or should I say re-bonded, with anyone I ever have before. We both

prayed that God would get us out of those woods alive( it did take us 2 hours) 

and because of our unity with the Holy Spirit inside both of us, we made it through.

I am so thankful that God takes care of the little things and I can’t wait to see

this relationship-that definitely has to have a purpose- for His Glory. I am

so utterly thankful that He got us out of there and brought us back together


Don’t ever forget that something as ‘little’ as a relationship

with a friend is never too little for God.