What We can learn from: The Good Samaritan


Watch the video above. Today we listened to the song

that is playing in this video at church and it reminded me

of Kidz Church a couple weeks ago. For those of you who

don’t know I lead worship for kids K-5th grade and also

kid chat time at my church. We were talking about the Good Samaritan

and we watched the video that I showed you above. Even those this

story is typically viewed as a classic ‘church kid’ story there’s definitely

a really great lesson to be learned from it that can be put in today’s terms.

I think in our society people tend to walk past when someone is hurting.

Maybe they are not hurting on the outside but on the inside and they just need to be

accepted and loved. Even people who are church going folk, might just walk

past and pretend not to notice. That’s why it’s our job to be a G.S. to stand up

for what’s right and help the brokenhearted.

So how do we do that? The key is INVOLVEMENT. Getting involved in your community

is crucial so that you can know about needs as they arise. It’s also important to

be WILLING. Be willing to give that person a quarter for the meter if they don’t have any change.

Be willing to help that little kid up that fell on the sidewalk. I pray that God would use your

willing heart to make a difference in your community and change the lives of those

around you.