Day 6

Hi all! Today is day number 6 of my 30 day challenge. God has been teaching

me just how important it is to spend time in His word and to constantly

be improving myself every day. I think too often in the school year I focus so much

on getting school work done that I don’t take the time to go out of my way

for my family or to improve myself into a better person. I just try to get through 

the business of the day and include God in as much as possible. I’m not saying this in a pleased

sort of way, I’m admitting a downfall. Getting absorbed in what this culture calls important.

I’m not saying that school work is bad, it’s great( and it’s kind of required by law). I’m just 

saying that I need to remember that school work will only last a short period of time

but the relationships I form with other people will last a long time and if this relationships

are with Christians FOREVER. This challenge has really helped me so far to get back into the right

mindset. God First others Second and I’m Third. He is showing me how

to love deeply even if it hurts. And I feel like He’s using this challenge

to build me into the woman of God that He wants me to be. Yes this challenge is

difficult, that’s why it’s called a CHALLENGE after all. But I’m so joyful that 

God encouraged me to do it.