God cares about the little things

I want to share with you all the story of a 13 year old girl named Rachel

who didn’t want to move from her house in the suburbs, but God was calling

her mom to move them all to an urban farm. Rachel’s mom convinced her

to come house hunting, and told her that if she did she could pick out any

farm animal she wanted. She picked a pig. Months and months went by

and no houses were found. Rachel and her family were getting tired of living

in a small rental ‘Chalet’ and wanted to move into a home of their own

as quickly as possible. After 10 long months of living in tight quarters

and many times of looking at houses, God finally picked out the one meant for them.

High above the city nestled in a quaint neighborhood and surrounded by eight

acres of woods and field.

Rachel wanted her pig as soon as they moved in.  but her Dad kept telling her that the timing wasn’t right.

Finally after 3 years of wanting, praying, and asking for a pig at age 16 on

Christmas she was given an IOU for one baby pig! Their friend’s pig was due in three months, and Rachel didn’t

think she could wait that long, but she did. Now’s it’s April.Her baby pig, Webster Reed was just born. He was a little

sick at first, but with prayer and little bit of meds he’s doing much better

That’s the story of how I got my pig Webster. We just got him two days ago, and because

I know no one can resist a cute week and a half pig, here’s his picture:

Webster sleeping on his stuffed pig.

Don’t ever think that you have a request that’s too ‘unimportant’ for God to handle. He loves you and cares about the big and small things.