Prayer Journaling

Keeping a prayer journal is a very powerful and amazing thing to do. I first

started keeping a prayer journal when I was 10 years old. I had struggled with

much anxiety( as mentioned in my anxiety sermon) and my Mimi introduced

me to prayer journaling. Prayer journaling is essentially a place to write

prayers to God. For me, this process really helps keep my thoughts organized

and not wander off. I find I can better express myself through writing, and because

of this prayer journaling works well for me. Here’s what you need to start prayer journaling.

  • A relationship with God through Jesus( if you’ve never accepted Jesus into your life you can visit my page )
  • A large lined notebook( splurge a little and invest in a nice one.)
  • A writing device
  • A Bible( optional, but it’s great if you want to look up Bible verses to pray to God)

What happens is you can address it to God and then start writing what is on your heart. After you are finished

address another page to yourself and wait for God to speak to your heart. If you are quiet before God He will often use this time to speak. It’s an amazing experience.

Your challenge this week is to start a prayer journal, write in it as often as you can, and wait to see how God speaks into your life.