The intricacy of life


Life is so marvelous and interesting isn’t it? It’s amazing how God created

the world to be suited to us and only us. We couldn’t live on Mars or Venus,

because they aren’t designed for life. But God took the time to DESIGN

our world. Those designs amaze me every day. Take the woodpecker for

example, it’s such a beautiful little thing and it has the ability to soar

through the air! Take even the most ‘basic’ piece of creation and you’ll

find that it’s intricately designed. How often do we think about how

God created every little detail on the back of a butterfly? Or how

He created all of our taste buds that delight in eating different textures

and flavors. I just makes me feel so blessed to know that I worship

a God who is creative and loves me so much that He designed

so many of life’s pleasures because He knew that I would take

delight in them.

Be Thankful today, Rejoice in God’s love.