Dealing with False Truths

1. Believe that the Bible is inspired by God
(1 Timothy 3:16)
Notes: By realizing that the Bible is inspired by God, we come to the conclusion that everything in the Bible is reliable information giving us a solid foundation on which we can base our arguments.

2. Be watchful for people who try to take the focus away from Jesus
( Galatians 4:17)

3. Beware of clever wording
( 2 Peter 2:1)
Notes: When I was listening to the discussion going on between my parents and their friends I was confused because it seemed wrong what their friends were saying but their clever wording masked how twisted their theology was. It wasn’t until my parents broke down what their friends were saying and explained why the things that they said were wrong, I understood why what I heard didn’t sound right.

4. Be aware that false teachings can come from Christians too
( 1 Timothy 4:1)
Notes: My parents friends called themselves Christians, but as I said before their theology and their doctrines were off. Don’t let your guard down when you’re around fellow Christians, take everything that they say to the Bible.

5. Be on your guard against twisted scripture
( 2 Peter 3:16) ( 2 Timothy 3: 14-17)
Notes: It shouldn’t surprise us that Satan tries to mess us up with twisted scripture. If you have read the scripture Mathew 4:1-11 you will know that Satan twists scripture to try to get Jesus to submit to him in the desert. But Jesus was able to counter that twisted scripture with verses in the Bible. That’s why it’s important to read our Bibles and memorize scripture so that we are able to recognize and
counter twisted scripture.

6. Be tuned into the Holy Spirit
( 2 Peter 3:1)
Notes: This is how we are able to recognize false teachings. Ever wonder what your ‘conscience’ is? Well in the case of Christians, it’s the Holy Spirit, the One who tells us right from wrong. In order to fully be tuned into the Holy Spirit, we need to respond when He tugs on our hearts, or gives us a nudge. How do we know what we hear is the Holy Spirit? Two ways, the first is that you will gradually begin to recognize when the Holy Spirit is telling you to do something. But also, what the Holy Spirit tells you will always agree with the Bible.

7. Be prepared for attacks by learning how to use your sword
( Hebrews 4:12)(Ephesians 6:17)
Notes: Mellow conversations and false truths seem not to go together. People challenging your beliefs may start to attack you with false truths. Fight these attacks with the sword of the Spirit which is the Bible. You can prepare for attacks by studying and becoming familiar with the passages in your bible.

8. Bring it back to the Bible
( 2 Timothy 3:14-17)
Notes: I have already touched on this but I want to bring it up again, because it really is so important. When something that someone tells you doesn’t seem right, bring it back to the Bible. If you are wondering if something is from the Holy Spirit, bring it back to the Bible. Again this is why it is so important to read your Bible and to memorize scripture. Another easy way to bring something back to the Bible is by using sites such at Biblegateway, and Blueletterbible which allow you to search keywords in the Bible version of your choice.

“  Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13 NIV