A Spiritual Leader Is… A Servant

When do you think of a Spiritual Leader being a servant?
Do you think that a Spiritual leader is someone who directs people
what to do and then just sits by and watches? No. A servant leader is
someone who leads others by example. When we have good attitudes about
serving the people who are watching us for example can and probably will
develop a good attitude for serving too.One of the movies that shows what
a huge impact a good attitude has on people being lead is
Remember the Titans One of the football players was not doing
what he needed to do. When the captain of the football team asked why
he wasn’t doing what he needed to do, he replied with ” Attitude reflects
leadership Captain.” So if we are lazy, and don’t get in and do the dirty
work, there is a pretty good chance that the people that are being
lead by you, are going to be lazy as well. So in order to be a good leader
we need to get in there, do what needs done, and lead by example.