A Leader is….Far from Perfect

Marin Luther was a man who changed the face of Eastern Christianity because he dared to challenge the ideas that the pope had set in place. He was the start of a Reformation that would shake up all previously assumed ideas and make people think about why the believed what they believed.
Luther was a person who dared to shed light on the church’s corruption, never backing down from what he knew the Bible stated. Luther was a leader,however because of the way he finished off the last part of his life, many people turned away from his teaching.
I believe that many people turned away from Luther’s teaching because they put Luther in a position that he should not have been placed; they should have recognized that he was a sinful human being just like them.
I think often people put too high an expectation on Christian leaders just because they appear to have it all together. When they fail, like Luther did, people tend to forget or turn from the good teachings and only remember how the leader messed up. “ For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” Romans 3:23. That verse does not exclude Christians leaders. Therefore I believe we need to focus on the good things that a leader has accomplished. Also for us as leaders we must remember that the only perfect one is God. That doesn’t mean that we cannot try our best to live our lives in a manner that glorifies God, it just means not to beat yourself up too hard when you make a mistake. Use your mistakes to build you into a better person.
Christians should not put fellow Christians on pedestals, even if those people have great faith and leaderships qualities. We also, as leaders, should not put ourselves on pedestals. The only One who should held in such regard is God who is perfect and unlike sinful humans will never let us down.