Christmas Eve Thought

Hey all! Hope you had an amazing and blessed Christmas.
I know now that it’s January 1st, you’re thinking about new
resolutions, and starting back up in the swing of every
day life. However I want to share a bit of my Christmas Eve
with you.
A few days ago I was writing down about my Christmas experience.
Many people focus on the gifts or food or even family as their favorite
part of Christmas. However, I love Christmas because it reminds me of
when my Savior was born in a manager so that one day He could die for my sins.
This is something that we should think about more than just on Christmas.
A song that brings me to that night is Silent Night. This song at our church
is special in many ways;besides bringing me to that night my Savior was born,
there is a very special feeling that comes along with that song. Our church,
every year that I’ve been there, has everyone hold up their candles while singing
that song.I always get an amazing feeling standing with the other believers holding
our candles in a room that is illuminated by hundreds of flickering bits of light.
There is a sense of unity and togetherness. A feeling that we’re all in this journey
together in a dark world that is illuminated by the Light of Jesus that does not flicker
but gives off a light that is strong and bright; a light that radiates into the depths of
the darkest places in this earth. That’s why it’s one of my favorite songs.

I hope even as the busyness of the year starts back up again with school or work
that you would remember that night Jesus was born to die for our sins.