Blessed 16

So my sweet 16 is actually in a couple days, but I actually had my

birthday party yesterday. I told my mom that I wanted it to be a

surprise so for 2 months she started to plan for the big day!

On the morning of my birthday God gave me an early

birthday present, he healed my favorite cat Gabriel

who was sick by giving the vets wisdom. So that

was a great way to start. At 3 my best friend

and her mom came, which got me really

excited! I love spending time with them!

We hopped in the car and drove in the direction

of my favorite little town. My mom arranged it so

that at 4 of my favorite stores I would receive a

present that contained an item from that store and then we got

to shop around.

At my favorite toy store, I got cute pig sunglasses and a ducky timer!

At one of my favorite clothing stores I got a mini mannequin to hold

my jewelery.

At another clothing store I got a very adorable multi shade of blue scarf!

And finally at my favorite candy store I got ducky candies, chocolate, and lipgloss!

So after that I thought we were just going to go out to eat. But I was wrong!

We drove for about a bit( even the car ride was fun laughing with my

bestie) and then we arrived at this building. When I got out

of the car I learned that I was going to be taking a class learning

to make Mediterranean food and then we would get to eat it!

It was so much fun cooking with my bestie, my mom, and her mom!

The lady who was teaching was very informative and she taught us how

to make mouth watering meat in 10 minutes, grape leaves, tabouli,and

these potato/hummas/veggie fried ovals! Me and Julie got to have a part

in learning how to make grape leaves by folding the leave just so over the

molded meat, how to make  and shape the ovals( which felt like Play-do

before they were cooked but tasted delicious!), and how to put together

a scrumptious tabouli( which I will be making very soon.) by using

some new chopping skills that I will continue to use!

As a bonus she included

delicious pickled eggplant and for dessert chocolate and peanut butter

layered with whipcream. When it was dessert time, my mom brought

out a one and a 6 and got everyone to see me happy birthday. It

was so special. I am so thankful that my mom and dad put this

all together. I feel so blessed to have people who care about and

love me, and the finances the be able to afford such a nice night.

I thank God for His Grace in allowing me to be alive for 16 years

when the doctors didn’t think I would make it past 1 day.