Rainy Day

I just really like rainy days. The smell that flows through the

air. The pitter patter sound the rain makes. The way that

the green of the grass and the trees really pop against the

gray of the sky. I was wired that way. God knew from

before I was born that I was going to like the smell after

a rain storm, that I was going to love the smell of campfires,

the sound of waves crashing against the beach, He knew

that I would enjoy the sunset and appreciate each color,

he knew that my favorite season would be Fall,

and He knew that I would enjoy the taste of grape leaves.

God created these things not because He had to

but because He loves us so much that He gives us

these things like gifts. These are the best kind of

gifts because they were given to us by our

Heavenly Father who loves us even more then

we can imagine.

Bible Verse: ” When I consider Your heavens,

the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars

which you have set in place. What is man that you

mindful of him?” Psalm 8:3-4

Challenge: Make a list of your favorite sounds, smells,

tastes, and thank God for every one. Remember that He

made those things that you enjoy.



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